McDaniel Controls

McDaniel Controls

Neptech Inc. understands that control devices need to be accurate and work correctly for every job you may have. This is why Neptech provides and is a supplier of McDaniel Controls. These control devices are made of stainless steel to ensure complete protection of the device and the job accuracy. With the ability to withstand a wide range of pressures without losing accuracy is what sets McDaniel Controls away from your typical control device. Besides being durable, it is much more time consuming to replace a defective control device and could cost you more than the original price. McDaniel Control devices are made to last and will actually save you money.

  • Economical and dependable operation
  • All Stainless Steel, brass, etc.
  • Liquid Fillable
  • Field Repairable Gauges
  • Pressure ranges from 1.6 inches of H20 (WC) up through 60,000 psi
  • Dial sizes of 1 ½ ” , 2” , 2 ½ ” , 4” , 4 ½” , 6” , and 10”
  • 300% Full scale pressure without rupture of the bourdon
  • 130% full scale pressure without loss of accuracy
  • Optional accessories such as Media Isolators, Ray Snubbers™, Steam Gauge Siphons, and Chemical Seals
McDaniel Controls
McDaniel Controls

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