Cable Connection Heaters

cable connection heaters

Flexotherm™ manufactures temperature controlled and slave controlled cable connection heaters specifically designed to withstand the rigors of all types of emissions testing. This easy-to-use cable heater will wrap around any style of junction including unions, tees, crosses, short pipe lengths, and virtually every shape or viscous media found in emission testing processes. Using a cable connection heater from Flexotherm™ will assure a constant temperature throughout your sample stream, maintaining the integrity of your testing regimen and the reliability of your testing procedures. We offer both a temperature control model as well as a slave controlled model to ensure your cable connection heater needs are met.

  • Two-Year Limited Warranty
  • Temperature or Slave Controlled Models
  • Maintains Temperature of Sample Stream
  • Flexible to Wrap Around Any Connection
  • Built-In Heating Element
  • Integrated Thermocouple
  • Coil Heaters
  • Cable Heaters
  • Durable Outer Covering

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